Brandy Old Fashioned Candle
Brandy Old Fashioned Candle

Brandy Old Fashioned Candle

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Ohhh, this candle makes me thirsty! This is a 13 oz hand-poured Brandy Old Fashioned scented soy candle with an original "Supper Clubber" design on the front.

Can you spot which supper clubs you've been to?

All-natural soy with 100% cotton wick. Hand-poured in Waunakee, WI by Wisconsin Candle Company. 100 hours of burn time and when it’s done, you have a rocks drinking glass!

Candle is approx 4.25" tall and has a 3" diameter. 

Glass is USA-made & sourced in Milwaukee, WI.

The design is straight from the Supper Clubber collection from my friend Jeremiah at Flags Over Wisconsin! 

5% of this sale will be donated to Alliance for the Great Lakes - a nonpartisan nonprofit working across the region to protect our most precious resource: the fresh, clean, and natural waters of the Great Lakes.